Copywriting for your Business

When new businesses are building their websites, and getting ready to launch or promote their products and services, it's very common for the words themselves to be overlooked; "we'll come back to that, just bung anything in there for now!" 

A huge amount of thought, care and dedication goes into how it looks, into the colour scheme, the logo, the photographs that showcase products, and the quirky details - but the "bung something in there for now" approach means you risk losing the interest of your audience before you get anywhere near securing their commitment to buying...

What you say matters

Your copy is where you tell your story, and build your relationships. It's how your audience learn more about you - and your voice is vital in engaging them, keeping them engaged, and giving them the details.

This doesn't mean just blandly describing a product, or listing the benefits or features of a service: so few products and services are unique, so that's not what people are looking for. They know what it is, they're already looking for it, so what you need to do is convince them that you are the right person to get it from. That your brand is the one they can trust, your business is the place they should buy, and your story is the one that vibes with their own...

Copywriting - real, successful copywriting - isn't something just anyone can do, and it's not the right place to skimp on your budget: marketing is pointless if you don't engage people - it doesn't matter how huge an audience you get your promotion in front of if everyone in it skims straight past - so it comes back to the Brand Identity, the values and ethos of your team, and the reason you're doing what you do. That's what people connect with - so that's what your words have to convey...

Think about some of the brands you know: what does their copy say about them? Is there a clear personality in what you see from them? Are they quirky? Corporate? Warm? Formal? Are you interested in what they have to say, as well as what you could buy from them? Do their ads catch your attention - and if so, why?

Compare Innocent Smoothies to your local supermarket's own brand: you know the product inside the bottle is essentially the same - how different could mixes of fruit juice be, after all? But Innocent have built a massive, successful business - so, if it's not that their mixtures of fruit juice are anything special, what makes them stand out?

It's the story they've told. The personality in their promotions. They have captured a tone, a voice, and a brand identity that connects with people - and I get a lot of clients who reference their marketing when they talk about what they want for their own. However, that voice isn't suitable to every business or product - so we have to think about what does suit yours - and build your content around your own brand identity, voice and goals. 

Copywriting is a skill, and it's one I've spent two decades honing. I've worked with businesses and organisations of all sizes, in a huge range of industries, and for a wide scope of audiences. I know what works, what doesn't, how to tailor my own work to your voice, and how to connect with your target audience, to bring you more sales, bigger clients and greater success.

Whether it's a few social media posts, email campaigns, brochure copy, some blog content, or a total re-haul of all your copy to better showcase what you do, I can help: get in touch with the form below, and give me a little information about what you're looking for, and what's worked - or not worked - for you before.