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What's your story?

Every purchase made, and every service selected, is the result of many choices being made. Those choices are influenced by how a business speaks to us - and the personality they share. Very few things are unique, and we could get very similar products or services from any number of businesses - so why do you choose the ones you do?

It's all down to the relationship we have with a brand; with the way that they speak to us...which means that, if you are promoting your own business, you need the right words and brand identity, to build and maintain those relationships. 

Copywriting is often overlooked when people are starting a business; "just put anything in there for now" is a phrase I often hear, because people are far more focussed on how something looks and on the product or service they're selling - but it's a vital part of establishing your brand, building your identity, and connecting with your target market.

Think about some of the most successful brands you're familiar with; you know that those products can be made, and sold, by more than one business - so what makes them stand out? Why do you know who they are, and what is it that makes you choose them? An example everyone in marketing will hear from clients is Innocent Smoothies; they are experts in what I have always called "chatty packaging". They make fruit drinks; that's not unique - so why are they the standout market favourite? 

It's all down to their brand identity: to the friendly, warm and chatty way they communicate, the 'small, family business' vibe, despite employing around 400 people...they've built a brand that communicates far more than "our drinks are pretty good" - it's a relationship, and it's one that's working very well for them. 

Of course, this kind of brand identity isn't suited to every business - but it's perfect for them, and influences a lot of other brands as they shape their own identity. So how do you go about doing that for your business?

 That's where a skilled, experienced communications consultant is key to your success: creating your brand means far more than churning out sales content, or listing the features of your products. Instead, you need to think of every aspect of your brand as storytelling, and building a trusted, well communicated connection to the people you help, whether that's with the products you make or the services you provide. Your relationships with these people rely on you creating a brand identity, and then living and breathing that brand in every single part of your business. In how you work as a team, in how you design and showcase what you do, in every single part of your branding, from website to flyers, emails to packaging, and in embedding that culture and identity in your whole team, from CEO to intern, Director to cleaner. It shapes everything.

Your passion is behind every choice you make as a business. It's what created the product or service, it's what guided your education and experience, it's what you lay in bed thinking about when the first inclination to start a business crept into your mind, and it's why it matters to you that this business is a success. Sharing that passion with the people you most want as your customers is the best way to secure lasting, long-term relationships, and to see your business thrive and grow, and to keep your entire team happy, engaged, committed and driven to build on that success long term.

My work isn't just churning out some words for you to drop into a website or email. It means really getting to know you, learning what that passion is, digging into the 'why' you do what you do, and making sure that your target customers hear that story.  That's how they'll fall in love with your brand, start to trust you and what it is you do for them, and choose you over anyone else in the market, no matter what the product or service you offer actually is.

It's all about people, and the stories that we tell.

What's your story?


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