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Brand consultation

You might already be established as a business, and might be wondering whether your website and marketing materials are hitting the mark.

- Are you reaching the right people, and enough of them?

- Are people responding positively to your marketing and buying your products/services?

- Are your customers recommending you to their friends?

- Would you like them to?

With fifteen years of professional experience in communications and marketing, I can do an in depth and detailed review of your current website content and social media presence.


First and foremost, this will look at the words you're using, your tone of voice, the target audience you appear to be speaking to and whether you're communicating effectively - after all, you could have the best product humankind has ever known - but if you can't describe it or say what it does, how will anyone know - or want to buy it?

The next stage of the review will assess your reach, your traffic and your engagement, and focus on the areas that your brand’s message or outreach isn’t as strong as it could be.

With this information collated I then explain the changes I think would benefit your brand identity, your content and your web presence to ensure that you’re the first name to come to mind when customers are thinking of the products or services you offer.

Though most businesses have websites, many still don’t fully understand the importance of the content, and that the right copy and information can be the difference between your business growing, or your customers going elsewhere.

This consultation package also includes a detailed review of your current social media presence, the success rate of your social media engagement, and advises on which platforms are best suited to your specific business and target market.


Effectively utilising social media to not only engage with your customer base, but to drive them to your website to make purchases from your business is vital. Your customers don’t just want to be told about your brand – they want their questions about what you’re offering to be heard, and a strong social media presence means that communication between your business and your customer base flows in both directions.

For those who aren’t sure how to make the best of social media, I also offer training in a range of suitable networks to ensure that you achieve the best engagement to grow your presence and connect with the right people.

If you want to buy a website review click here and give me your website address - price varies depending on the number of pages.


don’t just market your brand, BE your brand

is cause; 
brand is effect”

Larry Ackerman

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