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Are you running a small business?

Do you want some affordable support with your marketing?

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When you have a business to run you know you're supposed to promote it - supposed to have a website which tells everyone what you can do for them, where your customers can find you and find out more about your products or your services. 

I'm sure you also know how important it is to regularly release blogs or articles - which are not only a great marketing tool, they also showcase how much you know - and care - about your industry, and how much you can do for your customers.

But you and I both know that finding time to do it all is just impossible.

What I also suspect is that outsourcing this to a copywriter is something you've considered regularly - but splashing out on a paid service when you're a sole trader is daunting.


Most copywriters charge per piece, or want you to agree to a significant workload - and that can quickly add up to lots of spending, and no guarantee it will make you any money - so you go back to doing it yourself.


Or just not doing it yourself, which is more common,

and definitely won't get you more clients!


I've created a package aimed specifically at smaller businesses: starting from a half day - up to 5 hours - which can be used on one bulk project or spread across a full month. This generally gets you up to 4 pieces of content - for example, blog articles, researched and tailored to your industry with recommended keywords and specific phrasing which your target customers are searching for.

Or you could choose to have freshly created or careful edits of your existing website copy - rewording your 'about me' page, or the descriptions of your products and services - or engagement on social media, sharing your own content and responding to your followers. 

Wherever you feel that you need some support, because you know you've let too much time pass between blog posts or social media content, because you aren't sure what to say, I can help you find the words - and put them in front of the right people.

Prices start at £150 - and the time you book with me  is yours to use however you feel you'd most benefit.

Give me a call today to talk things through - I'd love to help you turn  your small business into something sustainable and reliable, and take some of the things you worry about off your plate.

Tell me more about those retainers Eliza!

Thanks for submitting!

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