Show and tell at work

A lot of people are starting this year with a fresh vigour for marketing, promotion or engagement - and one of the best tools for this is keeping a close eye on the calendar and news, and sharing content or social media posts around things like awareness days, events, new film releases, big news stories and other such topics.

This means that you not only have something to discuss, but - usually - there's already a hashtag or conversation happening online which you can join - and it makes it easier to reach out to your audience, and to tie what you do to an already buzzing chat - which means there's a better chance of people being interested, and that you're regularly putting out content - which helps your SEO, means there's a better chance of more people seeing your posts because you're getting the right boxes ticked for Facebook or LinkedIn to give you some brownie points so they'll show your content to more people.

You see how it works!

With that in mind, today - according to my handy A4 desktop planner - is 'show and tell at work day' - which I suspect is far more to do with building rapport with coworkers by showing them your hobby, or some photos of your pet snake perhaps?

Instead I think it's a great opportunity to remind you to show and tell your actual work - and give your potential clients a good idea of what you actually do for others, and could be doing for them.

In order to set a good example I've just refreshed my own 'client' page - where you can see some of the people and companies I've had the pleasure of working with. Though you'll see a lot of variety you'll also begin to notice a bit of a theme - and that I tend to work most often within the professional and personal development industries.

You know from my own logo and tagline of "be your brand" - and the many posts I've shared before about the importance of being genuine and human in business - that I don't think personal and professional worlds are separate - that the two are wholly wrapped up in one another, and the relationships we make in life can be beneficial both to our personal happiness and to our professional success.

Most of my clients are in an industry I have a huge interest in, a lot of experience working in, and a lot of contacts in - and it's this kind of focus on the areas you know, care about and have genuine interest in which makes for good working relationships - and I like to think the relationships I have with my clients are excellent. I rarely have small, one off jobs because most of my clients take the retainer option - which guarantees them a set number of my hours per month dedicated to creating content for their business and helping to promote them to their audience.

(Don't be put off by the word 'retainer' and worry that this might tie you to a significant investment; a number of my clients have a 4 hours a month retainer - a half day, spread across the month, to create simple blog posts or social media content, at a very affordable cost; take a look at my retainers page to find out more about it)

The idea of professional and personal happiness and interest underpins everything I do - and I always try to build lasting and close relationships with clients; not only because it helps me to have a better understanding of their values and goals in business, so I can communicate those messages effectively to their target audience, but because it also gives me such enormous satisfaction in my own work - which makes it a lot more fun to do.

If you don't already do so, think about how you can showcase your work - with case studies, testimonials, a page on your website with links to your clients (also a nice little bit of mutual promotion, as they tend to share your links when they see you sharing theirs) and a professional portfolio with examples which you can show to potential clients to give an overview of what they can expect.

If you'd like to talk to me about how to create and best promote these case studies, client examples or portfolios give me a call - my number is at the top of every page on my website - or pop some contact information in the form and I'll get back to you ASAP; I'd love to help you showcase your work - and build your reputation as someone with skill, passion and enthusiasm for your work.

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