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Business is never as straightforward as we plan - and nobody could have predicted the way that 2020 is shaping up. Who could ever have expected a pandemic that put the entire working world on hold?

This week families like mine are having to decide whether to send school age children back into classrooms that look hugely different to the ones they were used to - and for many others, whether they have children or not, their workplaces are beginning to reopen or expand from the much reduced services seen early in the Covid lockdown - and those working environments are just as weird and unlike what we knew before.

Like it or not, things are going to be different in significant ways for a long time to come - and some of the practices which were so normal before may never come back into our routines.

So, in this changed world of business, what can you do - and what can I do for you?

If you're usually someone who works face to face, offering services which businesses or customers need (many of my clients are in coaching and L&D, for example) now you will be less able to offer that - but you can move a lot of your offerings to virtual or digital environments; face to face meetings over video call, group sessions held on Zoom, for example.

Do you need help re-writing those programmes so that you can present them online?

Do you have hand-outs that need adapting to be completed digitally?

Have you got group activities that need to be re-worked to suit group work online, rather than in person?

I can help you to re-work those pieces, or write new content which better suits the new environment.

Have you changed what you usually offer, to adapt to the new 'normal' so that you can keep working, because you're self-employed and couldn't be furloughed or financially protected?

I can help you to promote that new offering - to write website content, articles and advertisements, press releases and social media content which will promote your new work, and to reach a new audience.

If you want to start (or restart, or improve) a newsletter or regular email to your existing customers, or to potential customers, but get stuck on how to start and what to say, I can write it for you - using your branding, values and voice.

Do you need some help creating social media content, so that you keep promoting your work and engaging with your audience, but without just chatting nonsense? I can help.

Don't let the changing world of business derail you; I know that now is a difficult time, and that we are all adapting - and that, under stress, our brains simply can't function on full power - which means that learning new skills, managing every task on your 'to-do' list and being more productive is difficult - so don't try to do it all yourself. Outsource some of that thinking and doing to me - so you can focus on the things you are best at, and free up time and mental space for yourself and your family.

Give me a call; I can help.

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