Everything is on fire during the apocalypse

Ok - so that's perhaps a little dramatic - but the world is certainly a weird place to be right now!

I am running my business from home, which isn't that dissimilar to the way I ordinarily work; my office is home based, and I usually work in client offices sometimes, in libraries or coffee shops when the isolation gets to me, and I have already been doing meetings via Skype and Zoom for years, so the adjustment there isn't particularly big for me, so far as working from my kitchen table is concerned...

What IS big for me is how much my clients have been impacted by the lockdown - which means that their income has dropped hugely, and that I might just be an expense they can't currently justify - so my work has dropped significantly too. I've still got some coming in, and there have been a couple of new enquiries - but with so many workers furloughed as well as working so differently to usual, there's going to be a period of adjustment before my work begins to pick back up.

Another significant impact on my work is having the children home, and leading and guiding their schooling. I know everyone has their own advice for this - and some are being very structured, others have done very little and have focussed on games, relaxation and play to help keep the kids smiling.

Here it's quite structured - my children (three of whom are on the autistic spectrum to varying degrees) thrive on structure and knowing what to expect from a day - and the smaller ones are earning stars on reward charts for every completed task which they 'spend' on a craft activity or game at the end of the day. What they don't realise is that those craft activities and games were going to happen no matter what, and are more for my sanity than theirs!

I don't ordinarily write much about my personal life on this website - but right now, just like everyone else, personal life and professional life has blurred into just life - and we are all just doing our best in very peculiar circumstances.

I hope that you're all well, taking care of yourself and your loved ones, and staying safe. Remember that you don't have to be coping particularly well with all this - it's new to everyone, so we are all just making things up as we go and hoping for the best.

Make sure you keep reaching out to people, and use the technology around you to make calls, video chat, connect with friends and family, as well as for the work you may still be doing at home.

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