What kinds of content are there?

Types of content:

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Whether you’re new to marketing or have been in the game for decades, you’ll have heard (and probably rolled your eyes at…) the phrase “content is king” – but we all know that a cliché only becomes one because truth is so often repeated!

Of course content is king – no matter what it is you’re trying to promote, you need to keep adding more reasons for people to return to your website, social media channel or store – and the only way to do this effectively is to keep giving them reasons to return.

You can’t do this by showing them the same thing time and time again, or they’ll get bored and – however spectacular the product or service you’re promoting might be – they will drift away, looking for something new and shiny.

So, you have to make yourself new and shiny – and keep offering more. When it comes to marketing and promotion, this more is your content – and content comes in many forms. I don’t just mean written content vs. videos or photographs – ideally, you’ll already be using a blend of these approaches, in ways which feel natural to you and give your audience a range of ways to engage with you and your brand. I also mean that there are different ways to get your message out there – and using a blend of these types of content, building more of the latter categories over time, will build your reputation, build trust and familiarity, and secure you the commitment of loyal customers who return to you time and again because they can depend on you.

What are these different types of content?

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There are three basic types of content:

  • Paid content

  • Owned content

  • Earned content

These categories can be further broken down to include:

Paid content: any content or coverage/promotion which you pay to put out there:

  • Sponsored posts,

  • Paid articles

  • Advertising

  • Samples and ‘freebies’

Owned content: your own writing/content creation:

  • Website content

  • Blog posts

  • Anything you’ve branded and created and own the copyrights for

  • Your social media streams

  • Your packaging and materials

Earned content: content created by others talking about you and your products:

  • Reviews

  • Sponsored posts

  • Fan posts

  • Media coverage

  • Brand advocates

  • User generated content which you’ve been involved in, facilitated or paid for

  • Guest posts

  • Hashtag campaigns

  • Q+A sessions

  • ‘Ask the expert’ sessions

As you can see, many of these third category options are something which you can’t really fake or gain until you’ve already put some work into building your brand and reputation – and you need to build relationships with your customers for that to start happening.

In my next post I’ll give you some tips on how to start building on that third area of content, as well as committing to your own stream of content in various formats, reaching and connecting with more people, and boosting your brand awareness.

If you’re struggling for ideas on what content you should be creating, why not grab a copy of my free May content ideas calendar to finish the month off – and check back soon for the June content ideas calendar to get ahead of the game and plan in advance, saving the stress of floundering for content ideas!

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