Get to know your customers

The third Thursday of every financial quarter is marked as 'Get to know your customers Day' and it's one of those (obscure?) awareness days which I think we all ought to pay more attention to.

Knowing your customers is a sure way of being able to predict what it is they might want from you - and then you can get one step ahead of actually supplying that thing and meeting their needs.

Letting them get to know you in return is also a great way to be the first name that comes to mind when they're looking for the kind of work you could do, or being referred to any of their friends if that thing you do happens to come up in conversation.

What have you done just recently to get to know your customers?

My favourite technique is to chatter away a lot online - Twitter is where I've made some of my best friends, LinkedIn has brought me a great many work opportunities, and Facebook has never really been my bag - but I know it works well for others. Finding the social network which makes sense to you is the best way to reach a wider audience and make new relationships, so if you've given one a go and not really got along with it do keep plugging away for a while, and try somewhere else if you truly don't enjoy it.

Pinterest is a huge hit with millions of users, but I find it mind boggling - Instagram has built a superb platform for people with glam products or who hand craft their wares - and there isn't a writer on Earth who hasn't shared their wares on Amazon (and if they haven't they're missing a trick!) so find the place you most enjoy (and remember that things like Pinterest and YouTube aren't so much networks as they are search engines, where people source information - if you're on there, you could be where they find their answers!)

If you're new to my website, and haven't worked with me or chatted before, do connect to me on Twitter or LinkedIn, and let me know what it is you do, I'd love to learn more about you.


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