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We are already into April and it’s time to think about what articles you need to share in the coming weeks to keep your SEO fresh, your followers engaged, and your website kicking.

I know how hard it can be, staring at a blank screen, to think of what you ought to be writing, to research what everyone else is writing about, and I know I’m guilty of drifting along without adding a significant content plan to my to-do list, or - if I do create a schedule - I fail to meet that target and share posts on what’s relevant every day.

Even this post is coming later than I had planned, being finished on April 2nd, and posted on the 3rd - when the post itself is all about scheduling and creating content for April - but bear with me; it’s going to be worth it, even though it’s getting to you now rather than a week ago!

If you’re anything like me, always feeling like you’re chasing your tail with your content creation and promoting your own business, and you’ve always intended to be better at content planning and updating your own website or blog pages regularly, but find it slipping to the bottom of your to-do list day after day, first of all be comforted that you absolutely aren’t alone - and secondly, hit the download button down below; I’ve made April easier for you, out of the goodness of my heart, because I’ve created a content plan for my own work (some topics are perfect for my own website, some are more suited to the content I’ll be creating for my clients) and - as you can see in this image - there’s a subject in almost every day of April which you can cover, and tie to your own offering - and others will be speaking about and sharing content around these same topics.

Have a look through and see if you can identify perhaps one a week which you know you can write some content about, and which you can reflect your own work in; for me I can talk about World Autism Awareness day (yesterday!) because I’m a working Mum with four kids, two of whom are on the Autistic spectrum. This makes my life far more interesting and entertaining, and I could celebrate what we call their superpowers endlessly - and could casually drop in my own terrible organisational skills, and haphazard personal approach to timekeeping and routine - things which my ASD babies thrive on, loving the reassurance of routine and knowing in advance what is going to be happening with their time. They have been a fantastic and positive influence on my scheduling, and maintaining routines within our home. They have also taught me how to relax and laugh about the things I find distressing and anxiety inducing (namely worries about how I’m viewed by others and whether I’m good at my work; they genuinely don’t give a fig what others think, they just love the things they love with all their heart and enthusiasm, and it’s beautiful to see - and whether others agree is irrelevant! They are also as blunt as blunt can be - so if they tell me I’m good at something, I know they mean it - which means perhaps I can believe others who give me positive feedback too. Sadly they also mean it when they tell me my hair is terrible or blurt out my embarrassing stories to strangers!)

Moving on from my personal experience of autism - let’s look ahead through April. Do you make dresses, hats or shoes? Friday is Grand National Ladies Day - so get some promo shared quickly and make use of that hashtag for promotion, you never know which of your target audience might be searching for exactly what you’re offering!

For most of you Saturday 6th should be an easy topic to think about; 1st day of the new tax year; most of my clients are business owners, and many of you reading this article will be in that same category - freelancing or running a small business means you need to keep your financial records properly, and it’s end-of-year madness as you ensure that you’ve got everything organised, handed over to an accountant if you use one (FOR GOODNESS SAKE USE ONE) and you’re getting ready to start a new financial year; pro tip - don’t shove your receipts and invoices into various piles of paper over and under your desk, convinced you’ll sort it all out “tomorrow” because we both know you won’t - so do get into the habit of tracking your invoices and payments etc regularly (do as I say, not as I do…) This also means that, if you offer services to small businesses, it’s a great time of year to promote yourself to them. (Though if you’re an accountant you probably wanted to be promoting yourself a few weeks ago, picking up those panicked about their year end accounts!)

Next week we have lots of interesting and varied things to write about - but National Unicorn day - which, by national, usually means it started in America, but I can’t find a source to back that up, and thanks to the power of social media has spread to people all over the world - is one I know my own family will have fun with, and it’s a fun and very open kind of topic which all kinds of products and brands could link to their own range of offerings and run some promotion around.

The week after we have my favourite day of the year; wear your pyjamas to work!

When you try too hard to be relevant to a topic just to piggyback on the hottest news topics or themed days, it can have the opposite effect to the one you’d hoped for (I’m looking at you, adult nappy company who emailed me during the Royal Wedding!) but when you populate your content ideas calendar with as many varied ideas as the downloadable (remember, hit that button to get your own printable copy, pin it on your wall, stick it to your fridge, laminate it and use it as a place mat, sew it to your towel, whatever you need to keep it in your mind as you prepare to write your content!) you can see ahead of time what kind of things you might create content around, and that can ease a lot of the stress when it comes to promoting your own business.

My own business promotion is always an evolving beast, and being late with this post could have derailed my confidence entirely - but instead I think I’m going to rebrand this as a deliberate reaction to tardiness, avoiding the same pitfalls in future. I have been working on downloadables for every month of 2019 and in that nice empty space on April 26th where there are no national days or special events to cover, I know I can write another post discussing what’s coming up in May - and set you all up with another downloadable content calendar so that you don’t have to do all the thinking and research, you can just get your thinking caps on and have a ponder which of the topics included might work for you.

Hit the download button now to get your free April content ideas calendar - and let me know what you think! Don't forget to share any posts you write in the comments below - I'd love to read what you're promoting.

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