Are the Internet and the World Wide Web the same thing?

Most people use the terms ‘world wide web’ and ‘internet’ interchangeably – but in actual fact, they are two things, though – of course – connected.

The World Wide Web is the data – the websites and images, the documents and content, which exist and are accessible via the internet.

The internet is the way in which those things are accessed and shared globally. If you need to picture this in a real world way, the internet is a road network – and the World Wide Web makes up the warehouses where information is stored – and the vehicles (loaded with files and information) which are shared, travelling on those roads.

Without the internet the World Wide Web couldn’t work – but without the World Wide Web, there’s little for the internet to do!

In my youth ours was one of the first homes among our friends to get the internet – that magical sing-song tune of the modem dialling up to connect me was my kind of rave, linking me from rural Cumbria to the every and anywhere I’d rather have been at the time. I remember writing to a friend who’d moved to America and telling her I’d be able to email her “maybe every month?” not sure at all how this mysterious new fangled thing might work – and her hysterical laughter recounting the note years later, when we’d swiftly been sending each other stupid links and emails a dozen times a day, grateful that our long-distance friendship could survive her family moving so far.

I remember telling a careers adviser at 14 that I wanted to work on or with the internet, and being laughed at because – as far as she could see – it had already run its course and was never going to develop into anything more useful – but the dot com boom was thriving and I was sure I’d find a way to make a career out of the things I took so much pleasure from doing late at night, roaming this mysterious world.

Magically, I didn’t happen upon the darker underbelly of the web – instead, I found communities of likeminded people and I learned how to communicate and build audiences from behind my screen, networking and building friendships and relationships which have outlasted many of the ‘IRL’ ones I was told were better for me. This is still, over twenty years later, something I take huge pleasure from – and still something which many businesses are not quite getting right.

Everyone knows that the internet is vital for business, that a website has to entice customers in, and that without one, your business might as well not exist. After all, when we need anything – whether it’s a window cleaner, a mechanic, a pharmacy or a book, for almost all of us our first port of call is Google, where we are likely to trust those results that rank most highly rather than scrolling to the bottom of the page – so if you want yours to be found by more customers, the top of that first page is where you want to aim to be found.

If you have no idea how to achieve this, or how to communicate what it is you do effectively, and how to get those who do find their way onto your website to take that step to a sale, I can help.

Give me a call and let’s book a call – we can chat about where you’re at, where you want to be – and how I can help you to get there. 

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