The art of seduction - or how to engage with your audience.

What’s your favourite TV show?

What is it that you love about it? Is it the story? The characters? The imagery or scene setting?

Or is it the advert breaks?

I didn’t even need to ask that question really; I know that it isn’t the advert breaks. The best thing about modern TV and streaming is that we have made it possible to watch all of our favourite shows without having to view an advert at all – and the occasions when we are watching live TV and can’t skip through them, we take the opportunity to go and pop on the kettle or grab a snack, seeing that break as more of an interval than a chance to smash our senses with the sales messages of a dozen or so brands who want our attention.

It's just white noise; noise we tune out.

Advertising, though, is still one of our biggest industries, with vast budgets being invested in ever more creative and powerful messages. Some are a hit, some are a miss, most of us can sing the catchy slogans of TV ads from our youth, and we all know that a Cadbury’s Flake is made with only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate.

But we’d still rather skip the ad.

So when you have a business to promote – a product or service you want to advertise to your target audience – why would you expect them to feel any differently about your advert?

The secret is to avoid making it feel like an advert.

To build a connection with them that makes what you’re sharing feel like a conversation, like you’re giving something to them, like you’re offering something attractive and desirable, and they are attracted and desire it.

Sales is all about seduction. About desire, attraction, want.

Don’t take that too literally – don’t start pouring your products into low cut tops and stockings, purring their benefits in your sexiest voice to a bewildered browser; simply think about how to engage that person with the product and why their life would be improved by it; how to make it appeal to them.

You can’t do this by bellowing the things something can do – or the things you can do. You didn’t buy your smartphone because it made calls and sent text messages. They can all do that – so you could have saved yourself a significant spend if you just got a basic mobile.

But most of you will be reading this on a device which can also play games, browse the web, take great quality photographs and which tells the people around you something about you, your life choices, your ethos - and who you think you are.

What we buy isn’t as much about the thing as it is about what it means to us – and that means that we can’t sell a thing - but we can sell its story – and build a relationship with our customers.

If your promotion is still a list of things and a list of what those things do then you’re doing yourself – and your business – a disservice. You’re simply offering another piece of noise for people to skip whilst they boil a kettle, browse twitter - another advert ignore.

Instead, focus on who you’re speaking to – and just have a conversation. Draw them in to why they want it - to why you offer it. Make them want the story.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, why not give me a call? The why and the who are my speciality – and I’d love to help you to tap into yours.

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