Why should you work with me?

It’s a simple enough question – you could pick anyone, and I’m asking you to pick me. There are all kinds of ways I could sell that idea to you – but essentially it all boils down to you needing someone to help create your content, and I’m someone who can do that.

So why pick me over anyone else?

I’ve been writing all my life – since the letters were back to front and upside down and my pages were filled with fairy tales about that dream future in which I’d be able to turn into a white rabbit (with a pink nose) at will…I can’t even tell you the pain I felt when I finally understood that wasn’t possible, but those stories became something I told my own children, sparking a magical love of stories in a brand new generation.

There was another period in my teens – during which my writing was far darker, convinced as I was that I had personally invented angst – when my letters were again upside down and back to front, after meningitis stole my words, and putting pen to paper was painful, but something I just couldn’t not do.

Through those times and through all the years since, I kept one constant – scrawling my dreams and ideas, my pain and my joy, on the page, then on the screen, then on the web as the creeping suspicion grew that this newfangled internet thing might just take off and offer a broader future to a little oddity in the Cumbrian hills, who might magically find an audience for her words. (In your FACE Mr Moss from school, who told me the internet was a fad!)

And thus my professional writing career was born – and through the drive to share my own words I began to answer questions on how I was doing it, how I was building an audience for it, how I was connecting with people and selling the ideas and dreams to them – and then people offered to pay me to do the same for them, or to teach them the way to do it themselves.

Naturally my writing evolved into content creation for sales and marketing, using the creative skills and innate interest in people and what makes them tick, building relationships and helping people to find what they’re seeking, and to find a market for what they create.

University saw me study creative writing and contemporary culture, dabble in journalism, and explore even further the reasons people make their choices, the passions and subcultures and families we find as we grow into our place in the world.

Putting those things into words is my place in the world – and the thing I do best is to help you connect your what and your why with those of the people who want to buy what it is you’re selling.

No matter what it is – from glamorous Caribbean holidays to pool cleaning chemicals, designer ballgowns to pre-rolled pastry, you do what you do because you can’t not do it. Running your business came from your passion, and you aren’t really selling a thing – you’re selling the thing you do and the reasons you do it.

My thing is expressing that with the right words, in the right voice, to tell the story of everything you are offering and how it will enhance the lives of the people you’re selling it to. Again, this might not always be something glamorous – but there are an awful lot of things we need in life which aren’t sexy, but which are still very important.

So if you have a story to tell, a product to sell or a service to share, give me a call. I can absolutely help you to do so.

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