Oh how I love the Oxford Comma!

Why do I love the Oxford comma?

Oxford comma


a comma used after the penultimate item in a list of three or more items, before ‘and’ or ‘or’ (e.g. an Italian painter, sculptor, and architect ).

- Dictionary.com

I am – and have always been – a huge fan of the Oxford Comma – a little piece of vastly underappreciated grammar which a great many people simply misunderstand.

All too often it’s brushed aside as old fashioned or unnecessary, but I find beauty, and clarity, in that little mark.

As you can see in the image above, a little clarity in your writing makes a world of difference!

What’s your grammar bugbear? What mistakes make you wince? Let me know in the comments on on social media - let's bond!

#Grammar #copywriting #bugbear #oxfordcomma

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