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One of the things I've always wanted to do more of is supporting other freelance workers and creatives, and build a community of people who can support each other's work.

As a copywriter I'm often asked for website content, which I am experienced in providing - but I'm also asked regularly if I can do webdesign or design brochures or other marketing material. Though I'm great with words and know what looks pretty, I'm not trained in this level of design work - so it's not a service I offer. Instead, I recommend one of the designers I have built relationships with from past projects and connect clients with the people I think are best suited to help them.

I am also, at times, not the right copywriter for some projects, or have too much work already agreed to take another large project on - so, again, I turn to my network of other copywriters and recommend someone I think is right for the job, putting the customer in touch with another writer.

There have also been times, particularly when I was starting out, that I had questions about content creation, marketing or about my own website or promotion; I turned to contacts in the industry and received a wealth of support and expertise.

Knowing how much I benefited from this kind of support, and how many times I wish I knew the right person to recommend for a project outside of my skillset, I thought I'd launch an online community aimed at bringing together creatives, freelancers and those in similar roles to my own, but with different experiences, different skills and different approaches. This club is for anyone who has worked, is working or wants to work in a creative role, to build relationships with other brands, and to promote their work.

You can find this new club at and I'd love to see you all joining me there for creative inspiration.

#beyourbrand #networking #club #freelance #community

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