Inspirational women I work with

One of the things I most love about my job is that I can pick who I work with - and work with people I genuinely admire, respect, and am inspired by.

This month I was lucky enough to work with two women who have had a positive impact on me personally, as well as professionally - and I want to share their work with you.

First, I'll introduce you to Anne. Anne runs Medulla Space, a business designed to create space in the mind. This comes in many forms, but particularly in Reiki and meditation. Anne is currently adding more details to her website, which is very new, so keep checking in to learn more about her journey and read the articles she's got planned to share her tips for finding peace, connecting to yourself, and building a life that you're truly happy in.

You can also find Anne on Twitter here.

Next, I met Nicky Peters a few weeks ago, and was lucky enough to meet her at an embryonic phase of something that's going to see her globally renowned.

Nicky had a launch event this week for her Ultimate Woman group - a network of phenomenal women coming together to develop mind, body and business - not just a dry, stuffy business network, but a force for change, inspiring and supporting growth - personally and professionally. The events have launched in Cambridge this month, but will be expanding to other venues very soon.

I've been working with Nicky on website content and on some PR for her launch event, which happened on Wednesday evening - and Nicky absolutely shone in a room crammed to the brim with women who want to embrace their own potential.

I am not the kind of person who buys into the fluffy 'guru' trend - I think perhaps I'm a little too pragmatic for a lot of it, and tend to view those who claim they can change your life with a little scepticism. Bear that in mind when I go on to tell you that I came away from that evening absolutely fizzing with the need to be more, to achieve more, to aim for more - and thrilled to have met so many women who are ready to do the same.

When you get a group of people together and ask for a volunteer to stand up, walk to the front and tell you about themselves, and about their hopes and goals, it's rare to get more than a couple of hands raised.

Nicky created an environment that not only got people to stand up and talk about themselves, she got everyone there to do it. Every woman - a group ranging in age from just 18 to over 70, at different stages in their lives, with different challenges to overcome, and with a huge variety of dreams and goals, stood, spoke clearly, and cheered each other on in a room that wasn't just a safe place, but was a supportive, warm, fizzing space filled with women who have each other's backs, celebrate each other's success, and have shared the same struggles, and overcome.

Together, women are a powerful force for change - and the world is in a period of change, with women's rights, the Me Too movement, and open and frank discussions about equal pay, glass ceilings and feminism in the news every day - and it's the perfect environment for Ultimate Woman to be born into.

Both of these women have given me something significant, which will impact the way I work, the focus of my work, and the way I treat myself in order to best do that work - and you'll be hearing more from me about both of their businesses in coming months.

In the meantime - what have you done this month that you want to celebrate? Add a link below, or chat to me on Twitter

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