Freelancers - blow your own trumpet!

Are you a freelancer? Do you run a small business? Are you standing on the rooftops SHOUTING about how brilliant you are? How skilled? How talented, and enthusiastic you are? How many hours you've spent learning and building and developing your skills?

If you aren't - why the heck not?!

If you aren't shouting and celebrating your successes, your brilliance, who is?

If you don't talk about how clever and talented you are, who will?

What benefit does anyone else get from singing your praises? Does anyone but you have any real reason to say you're excellent to everyone they meet?

How will new customers know how fabulous your work is unless you tell them?

It's a hard thing to do. It's a scary thing to do. We get uncomfortable, we get embarrassed, and we feel like we have no right to tell people we can do what they need better than anyone else. It's not very British, after all; we're all far too stiff upper lip to let our ego light the way...

But what if it isn't ego, and we aren't bragging - but simply being honest about the things we can do, the reasons we do them, and the successes we've had? What if, rather than being some kind of egomaniac who never shuts up about yourself, telling people you're great at your work is nothing but the absolute truth, and you genuinely can do what you do better than anyone else?

The biggest hurdle for freelancers is promoting yourself. Is telling others that you are here, are skilled, and are ready to work. It's a galling step, making a call and saying "Hi, I think you need my skills, and here's why."

So here's my callout to all of you;

Tell me what you're great at. Tell me what you do, why you do it, and what your biggest achievement is - and why you are proud of your talents. No apologies. Shout it, loud and proud, and share your website or profile for others to see.

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