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One of the more difficult aspects of freelancing is that you can often spend the entire week at your desk and not see anyone. Though you might be active on social media, emailing clients, or even getting some face-to-face on skype, it can get a little lonely working on your own.

That's where networking events can boost your engagement - not just with business contacts, but with human contact.

After all - isn't that kind of the point of everything we do?

I know that in my industry, marketing and PR means connecting people - and though this can be done digitally and via social media - the most powerful tool in networking to an ever growing audience - nothing beats meeting people face to face, and getting a group together in person to discuss business, life, the universe and everything!

I recently relocated from Dorset to Bedfordshire, and there are a number of local business networking events that I'm going to explore.

I've benefitted already from the twitter networking - making use of the #BedsHour group chat that gets very busy and active - and I've made some great connections, already picking up local clients through that one simple step.

I'd love to hear about your experiences of networking groups, and which you enjoy, what aspects of them you think are positive, and what you wish you could get from events you've attended that you felt were lacking?

In the coming weeks I'll be attending various networking events, and I'll be reporting back on each to share my experience, and the businesses I meet there.

Let me know in the comments, or on social media, where you recommend in the Bedford area, and I look forward to meeting you there!

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