What are you selling?

Marketing is a funny process. There are some huge companies selling all manner of products, a huge industry, something of a behemoth, which has set the tone for decades, leading people to think that there's a certain way that things must be done. This how it should be idea can actually get in the way of helping you to reach your target audience, because too many people get stuck on the 'how to' and never really understand their own promotion.

Big business marketing can put the name of a product on the tip of every tongue. Enormous, glamourous campaigns, viral videos, carefully thought out branding, and the occasional blunder. Catchy jingles we get stuck in our head. Arty black-and-white images which never quite explain what they're promoting, and perfume adverts which try to sell a feeling to describe a scent.

At the far end of the scale, hashtags and snapshots on Instagram, links on Facebook, small adverts in the local free paper, or pamphlets left on a post office desk, people use small investments and their personal attention to sell what they do to a smaller, but no less important, audience.

Whether you're a small business, trying to promote your hand-made goods on a local Facebook group, or you're one of a thousand-strong PR team thinking up a new campaign for Diet Coke, all marketing has one thing in common.


Nobody buys just a product. Nobody sells just a product. What's really being traded is the story it tells. Aspiration, ambition, glamour, or comfort, thrift and essentials, it doesn't matter.

Marketing is about telling the right story, to the right people.

If you want to reach more people, if you want to sell more products or provide your services for more clients, if you want more customers or just a wider network, you have to be sure of the story you're telling.

What is your story?

If you need help to tell your story, to reach those people, and to connect with them - and help them to connect with you - I can help.

Call me today on 07580 676833 or email me on eliza@elizadolots.com - and let's get together to see how you can do more, connect more, and sell your story.

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