Relocation to Bedford

This month has seen big change, with my family, and my growing and beloved business, relocating to Bedford.

The move means that I am based more centrally, which means it's even easier for me to work with a wider network of businesses for face-to-face training and guidance on how to communicate more effectively with your workforce, and how to connect with your target market in a way that boosts your brand.

I am, of course, still available via email, calls and video calls to help those further afield, and won't be abandoning the people I've built such fantastic working relationships with since I launched my own business in Dorset.

I am excited to be working in such a vibrant, multicultural area where I can help more businesses to communicate better, market more personally, and really connect with people, both customers and your public audience, and those behind the scenes.

After all - what is business without the people?

If you're in the Bedford area and are looking for advice on how to promote your products and services, how to create marketing materials that really showcase you at your best, or how to improve an outdated website with more exciting and personal content, get in touch and let's talk about how I can help.

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