Honest marketing

Honesty - it's a word we all know, and something that matters to everyone - but is it one that springs to mind when you think about marketing?

Marketing brings to mind those Mad Men offices, with folk in shiny suits spinning tales about how life changing their next-big-thing product will be - where promises are made, and the picture of a new world is painted.

Buzz words, jargon and flowery language tell stories with no substance, and it's common for people to fall into the trap of doing what's trendy rather than what's honest and true to their brand.

It can seem manipulative, or even blatantly dishonest, and when we think that this is how marketing is done it makes people running their own businesses believe that it's how it should be done.

Which means that when it comes to promoting your own products or services, people often fall into a pattern of thinking there's a way it ought to be done, and there's some kind of specific market you're supposed to be tapping into, and doing things that don't feel natural to fit with this idea.

Where marketing fails often comes down to a brand not really knowing how to promote their products, and trying to tap into a market they don't really understand because it's where they think they should be aiming.

But this isn't how it has to be!

If you run your own business, if you make or sell a product you care about, or offer a service because it's something you truly love, marketing it is the simplest thing in the world.

Rather than trying to follow some pattern you don't really understand, trying to change your approach to suit 'how it's done' or tailoring and changing your style for a market you don't really 'get' - stop over thinking it, and be human, and honest.

If you're honest about why you do what you do, and aim to speak to people who also care about, and want, what you offer, it doesn't even feel like marketing.

It's just conversations - conversations between people who already have a shared interest - and how easy does that sound?

The only challenge you then have left is how to begin those conversations - and where to find those people with a shared passion.

That part, I can help with!

If you have a business, a product or a service that you're crazy about, and you want some help to find the right people to have those conversations with so that you can make more sales, build your business, and build your brand into a success, give me a call - let's have a conversation about what I can do, what I can teach you to do, and how to be your brand.

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