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When you are launching a new business venture, expanding a current brand, or simply focussing on the every day business of running a business, keeping on top of your marketing, updating your website, and keeping your brand in the minds of your customers on a day to day basis can be daunting - and exhausting.

It can also be a huge challenge when marketing - and writing - aren't your strengths. However - promoting your brand, marketing your services, and writing the content for your newsletters is something that you can do for yourself...but just because you can doesn't mean you should.

When you're putting together your budget for the next step in your business it's easy to see where to spend; the next products need investment, you need to pay your overheads, the materials and tools for your work need to be purchased...and, for many, marketing is the first area for spending to be cut.

"How hard can it be? I can write a few paragraphs for my website, and tell people about my work!"

In much the same way, there are a great many services that businesses supply that I am capable of managing by myself!

DIY is, after all, a huge industry...and in recent weeks I have hung new curtain rails, painted every room in my house, and changed the windscreen blade on my car.

However - the curtain rails took me an entire day, and a lot of blue language. My bedroom was the last to be painted, and the edges of the walls look more than a little slap-dash. The wiper blade worked out fine - but I celebrated my success by taking my car through the car wash...and didn't remove the aerial from the roof first, snapping it clean in half and earning myself a slow clap from a chap waiting outside!

My point is, though I'm technically capable of carrying out those tasks, did I really get the job done well? Well enough, for me - the curtains are hung, the walls are no longer striped in brown and blue (thank goodness!) and I can see when I drive in the rain.

But there are people who have trained, and have far more experience, in those areas than I - and who could, without question, have done a far better job of it than I did!

Imagine a world where curtains don't tumble from the ends of the rail if they're opened a little too enthusiastically...imagine a world where the edge of the bedroom ceiling isn't spattered with pink paint that now has to be removed...imagine a world where I can still listen to the radio in my car!

Now imagine a world in which you can focus on your business, on the skills that you have, on the service that you provide for your customers, without worrying about the wording for a flyer, without panicking that you've made spelling errors in your latest newsletter - or trying to work out who to send it to - where your website appeals to your target market, and engages them in such a way that they immediately turn to you when your products or services are required, and not to your competitors.

DIY marketing is, of course, something that you can do - you can communicate with your customers, reach out to new markets with the aim of drawing more sales, and spread the word that you are the best in your industry.

But why put yourself in a position where your marketing and outreach look amateur, when your customers can see that you haven't invested in your branding and outreach, and risk the possibility of losing sales because of it?

Investment in professional marketing and copywriting for your website, marketing materials and branding, shows your customers that you take your business seriously - and, as an extension of that - value your skills, services and products - and their custom.

A business which invests in branding and promotion is a business that is confident in its success, and business owners who choose those investments are confident in their abilities and professionalism.

Don't settle for less; choose success - and choose to represent yourself as professional, and as an authority in your industry. Invest in your branding, your marketing, and your outreach. Get in touch today to discuss how we can work together to make your business more successful, and showcase your services and products in the right way.

Don't just market your brand; BE your brand.

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