What is branding?

In my last post I spoke about the importance of branding – and why investment in your brand is vital to ensure the success of your business.

What I didn’t cover in any great detail was what I meant by branding.

When I talk about branding, I mean so much more than the creation of an eye-catching logo and deciding on a rough colour scheme.

Branding also means continuing that visual theme throughout all of your business – through your emails, your business cards, your packaging, uniforms, the offices, your website, the fliers and eshots you release, any marketing materials, display boards, absolutely everything that a customer might see that is in any way connected to your brand. It means using the exact same shade of blue, and not just a range of 'close enough' colours. It means a clear, crisp image, in high definition.

The branding also applies to the font that you use for your communications – again, in any designed marketing materials, but also in your website content, your emails, your mailshots – all should have consistency of theme by maintaining the same look, which includes the lettering.

Using the wrong font can create entirely the wrong feel for your business; a very formal typeface for a surfing school would be silly – and comic sans for a solicitor would be wholly inappropriate!

Not only should your typeface and lettering always look the same, but should always be read in the same voice; if your business is very technical, a formal voice would be appropriate – if you’re selling fashion products to pre-teens, your voice should be friendly and fun – the way you speak to your target market should be adapted to suit what you do and who you do it for.

This is something that many people aren’t sure how to do – and why I would always recommend investing in a professional copywriter, who can very quickly assess the impression you would like to give, and tailor your content to suit that market.

Keeping this consistent when there are a number of people in your team who are all working in positions that put them in direct contact with your customers can be hard if no decisions have been made as a company about what you’re trying to represent. Without these decisions, there’s unlikely to be any consistency – and that can come across to customers as a lack of attention – and a lack of passion.

If your outreach and branding are inconsistent, your customers will think that you don’t really care enough about what you’re doing – or about them. This can seriously damage your long term relationships with the market, and can stop your business progressing at a rate you desire.

If you want to talk about how to create the right voice for your business, if you would like a refresh of your existing materials, or you’re interested in a total rebranding, give me a call today and we can arrange a meeting. Together we can make you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t just market your brand, be your brand.

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