The importance of branding

The importance of branding is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

No matter how big – or small – your business is, consistent and catchy branding is vital to make you stand out from the crowd, and keep you fresh in the minds of your customers.

Branding and marketing is something that new businesses are often resistant to invest too much of their start-up cost into – thinking that they need to be sure the products and services are right, and that everything else will follow.

Of course I’d never claim that the products and services shouldn’t be the first priority - but in business it’s never just your products that you sell - it’s your ethos, your passion, and your brand message which connects people to who you are and what you do. You’re selling a story – you’re selling a reason for your company to be the place for people to spend their money.

Think about some of the brands you’ve grown up with, or see advertised around you: some companies have branded themselves so well that their products or services have become verbs:

We don’t do the vacuuming – we Hoover.

We don’t carry out an internet search – we Google.

Then there are other brands with such effective taglines that they inspire action: they indicate that this brand will make a difference to you, personally. Whether it’s saving you a few pence in the family budget, or allowing yourself a little luxury:

Tesco – every little helps.

Nike – just do it.

AO – let’s go.

L’Oreal – because we’re worth it.

There are also brands with such strong branding and such a recognisable company ethos, that you buy into them as a lifestyle, and you trust them. Innocent smoothies aren’t producing drinks that are any different to other brands – but they have created such fantastic, feel good branding that you buy a little of their wholesome, friendly lifestyle when you buy their drinks.

The approach they have taken to their marketing is something I refer to as ‘chatty packaging’ – they don’t just describe the product, they tell you a story, and draw you as a customer into their lifestyle, to their family; they’ve made a personal connection with you.

This is something I’ve also seen Lush do – each product comes with a label telling you what’s inside, but also a little about the person who hand created that product, giving you a personal connection to their work, and to their products, and making it feel like something has been created especially for you.

Creating this kind of connection, and personal relationship, is the focus of the marketing and branding work I do for my clients. People want to feel that they are valued as customers – and for that to be the case, you as a business need to value what you do.

You need to care, and you need to let your customers know that you care. People are willing to invest in quality – but no matter how high end your products and services are, without investing in yourself, and your branding, that message will never get through to your customer base.

This personal involvement is what I help my clients to sell. This human face of business, and real passion for your brand, is what matters to customers. And that is why your branding has to be a priority.

If you want to discuss how I can help you build these lasting, personal relationships with your customers, get in touch today, and together we can make your business one that people trust.

Don’t just market your brand; be your brand.

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