A warm welcome

Many of you reading this today are people I've been lucky enough to work with before, some of you are friends in the industry, and others are brand new and curious about what 'Eliza Do Lots' offers.

Whichever camp you fall into, welcome to the new website, announcing loudly to the world that my business is growing and evolving, and that I'm excited to be here!

If you haven't met me yet, I'm Eliza, the girl behind the brand named for my well known habit of throwing myself into a number of projects at once, because what I do for a living excites me so much!

The main focus of my work is helping business owners to connect with their customer base on a more personal level, building long lasting relationships and improving the relationship between brand and buyer.

The services I offer range from copywriting, consultation on your existing website and marketing materials, and blog content, through to creating a detailed marketing plan that will grow your business through PR, social media and brand identity, to ensure that your passion for what you do is clear to the people you do it for.

Brand identity is absolutely vital in modern business - and I believe that being your brand - living and breathing the work that you do, so that your love for it shines through in every product you create, every service you offer, and every piece of marketing literature that tells people about what you do - is the difference between success and failure.

After all - the reason I do what I do for you is that I love it.

The magic of the right words, at the right time, spoken to the right people, makes such an enormous difference, and my passion for communications and engaging people with the faces behind the brand, can help your business to grow.

So - as I said above - welcome to Eliza Do Lots. If you're looking for inspiration, information and ideas that will connect you to your potential customers, get in touch and together, we can grow your reach, build on your engagement, and expand your business.

Don't just market your brand - BE your brand!

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