client industry


Medical research, development and support


project brief


With a new Alzheimer’s clinic opening within a neurological centre, focussing on slowing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s - in particular early onset Alzheimer's - the centre wanted to promote the new clinic and the benefits of trials and support for those living with the disease, and their families. 


what I did


A range of promotional activities were discussed and carried out.


This included a series of articles for medical journals, promoting the work at the centre and the studies into the condition, which raised awareness of the trials and promoted the clinic within the industry.


A series of blog posts covering a wide range of topics from symptoms to lifestyle, and supporting or living with a family member who has Alzheimer’s, as well as other conditions treated by the Doctors in the clinic, were written and shared widely on social media and provided a fantastic overview of treatment and support for those affected by neurological disorders. These were written with the aim of promoting the trial, but also to provide much needed information for those diagnosed or supporting a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's.


A series of infographics to support the articles were created as simple, visual aids to share information for a wider audience, and these were shared and promoted widely across relevant medical industry media, as well as through digital networking, social media and community projects; these were then printed as leaflets that were placed within the centre and numerous community projects to reach members of the public who may have been unaware of the trials.




The client was very happy to see a growth in traffic to the website, which led to many more enquiries from those seeking treatment or looking for support in caring for someone affected. The clinic’s popularity grew quickly, and further clinics are being planned for other disorders after requests from people who found advice and information on the website.


This increased interest led to the clinic obtaining more funding to support the Alzheimer's trials - the first of their kind focussing on specific responses and treatments in the USA - and is intended to lead to treatments that can halt the progress of this disease and build understanding of symptoms for earlier diagnosis.