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client industry


Learning and Development 

project brief

The client were looking for ongoing marketing support, content creation and increased engagement 


what I did

I met with the marketing team and the MD of the organisation, and established what their long-term goals were, then created a marketing plan and content which would engage with a wider audience. The content being created in house was very academic and detailed the programmes, which was ideal for existing clients, and we created a plan to create less detailed programme descriptions and articles which promoted the programmes to a wider, less academic audience, engaging those interested in what the organisation offer, allowing for relationship building which led to promotion of the existing, academic content.



Our working relationship has continued for over two years, during which time the company has seen significant growth, expansion and outreach to an entirely new audience. New leadership saw them take a new direction, branching into a broader range of services, and the growth of promotion alongside those changes sees them recognised as an authority in their industry, with an ever growing audience responding to the articles and marketing materials released. 

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