client industry


A marketing company working with companies in a niche, technical engineering industry


project brief


Create marketing blog content to promote the services offered by the company to a specific, niche client base - the copy should be engaging, draw a new audience, and encourage conversation, as well as represent the brand as an authority. 



what I did


After conversations with the company Director, I put together a plan for blog content with a marketing theme, covering topics relevant to the audience of the brand, and building the reputation of the company as an authority in their field. 


Their client base was very specific, so the copy had to be written in a way that appealed to their specific needs, and needed to be written in a very corporate voice, connecting with those at a senior level in a very technical industry.


Once the topics to be covered were agreed, the blog posts were written as detailed, technical articles, demonstrating and evidencing the impact that the appropriate campaign, focussing on the elements covered in each article, could have on business success in the specific industry.


These articles were then scheduled to appear on the company's own website, but also incorporated into their outging communications through traditional marketing and digital marketing, and shared to build the reputation of the brand as a knowledgeable and leading authority in relevant industry media.





A number of discussions quickly developed in the digital networks of the brand, leading to numerous enquiries from new customers, and relationship building rapidly grew.


This led to an engaged and relevant customer base, and the business which I had created the content for grew significantly as a direct result of this relationship building. The brand is now well known in their niche industry by clients who recognise their specific and tailored approach to marketing within that area.