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Do you need some help making sure your

article says everything you need it to?

Would a cheat-sheet where you can make notes for each article you create help you to focus your approach?


Because that's what I've made. Pop your details in the form and download your writable PDF - and never miss an important step in your content creation again! 

Gimme the cheat sheet!

This is the exact form I use when I'm creating content for my own business, or for my clients; it's an idiot proof way to make sure that all the information I need to include is there, and none of the 'marketing admin' gets missed even if sharing or posting the copy is done by someone else.

If you still think you'd like a bit more help  writing your content, give me a call: my small business retainers start at just a half day - costing just £150 -per month, creating and optimising your content so that you can focus on what you do best, and know that your customers will hear about it.

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