client industry

Engineering and surveyance

project brief


A company with a long standing history of working with large businesses, NHS and government needed to reach out to a wider market after cutbacks led to some of their long standing contracts ending. Established for over two decades, the company needed a fresh approach to reach a new market and new clients, in an industry with strong competition. 


The goal of the work was to connect with new potential clients, start conversations, and evidence the benefits of this company's work.


what I did 


The first stage of the work was an in depth consultation on the existing branding, communications and web presence. 


This showed that the website, though clean and modern in design, was missing a significant amount of information, and inconsistencies in what was there. Many of the services the company offered weren't included on the website, or promoted through their marketing campaigns, and the lack of case studies and testimonials meant that there was little evidence of the company's skills in their industry.


Following the consultation on what was already in place, a plan was established for a 12 month marketing campaign to reach a wider market, and to build the profile of the company. 


The website content was entirely re-written, with a push to grow their presence through SEO and social media networking, building the network of industry contacts and building relationships. 


The marketing campaign included planning and hosting an event to which many former and potential clients were invited to discuss changes in the industry, and promote new services being introduced that utilised new technologies. There was also an increase in direct marketing, through e-shots, newsletters, articles in relevant industry media, and carefully selected advertisements.


In order to tie this campaign together, a more structured approach to marketing was created, which included formatting a 'house style' for a consistent approach in all future marketing endeavours, any industry events and significant dates were factored into the annual plan in order to benefit from relevant articles, information and promotion, and an updated record of previous clients, potential clients and new clients was created in order to create a more effective follow up system for repeat projects, promotion of new services, and timely responses to enquiries.


A simplification of language used in much of the promotional material was put in place, as previous campaigns had focussed on those with significant technical knowledge of the industry, and a plain English approach for those with less technical engineering knowledge meant the marketing could reach a wider audience. 





A number of new clients have been secured, the company has not only filled the workload of the cancelled contracts but has expanded into new industry areas, meaning that a larger workforce has now been employed to manage this greater workload, and the event was such a success that plans are in place to host at least two annually to further cement existing business relationships, as well as build new opportunities.