The morality of marketing Today marks the anniversary of the first TV advert aimed at children - the ever popular Mr Potato Head toy, advertised with a fun video (hit that link above to view it for yourself) showing children what fun they could be having if only they had their very own Mr and Mrs Potato Head set. (Is it just me, or was it much creepier back in the day?!)  This early advert was no less sophisticated than modern incarnations; appealing images, children engaged and having fun, the bouncy sound and familiar cadence of a childlike voice narrating the piece - and the keen little upsell at the end where other products are mentioned, and the kids playing through

Get to know your customers

The third Thursday of every financial quarter is marked as 'Get to know your customers Day' and it's one of those (obscure?) awareness days which I think we all ought to pay more attention to. Knowing your customers is a sure way of being able to predict what it is they might want from you - and then you can get one step ahead of actually supplying that thing and meeting their needs. Letting them get to know you in return is also a great way to be the first name that comes to mind when they're looking for the kind of work you could do, or being referred to any of their friends if that thing you do happens to come up in conversation. What have you done just recently to get to know your custom

Do NOT jump on that bandwagon

One of the more powerful tools in modern marketing is making good use of keywords and trending topics - being able to make your own brand relevant in association to a story which people are already discussing, and thus being able to reach more people because they’re actively looking for things related to that topic - and their search could send them your way, they like what you do, and boom - a sale, and a new fan. But one of the big dangers of being too wedded to using these trending topics to promote your own brand, no matter whether they are relevant to you or not, is that you could have the opposite effect, putting people off because you’ve jumped onto the wrong bandwagon. Not much is mo

Easy SEO boosters for small business promotion

If you have a business or product that you sell then you probably have a website - but how can you make that website stand out from the thousands of others being created every single day? With 67,000 Google searches every second you need to be able to boost your own Google Rankings - your SEO (search engine optimisation) is absolutely vital to be able to build trust between Google and your brand, helping to ensure that your website is at the top of the list when someone searches for keywords connected to what it is that you do. SEO can be a bit of a minefield - and there are a lot of conflicting views on how to do it well, but essentially the best way to rank highly in Google searches (other

Free April content plan

We are already into April and it’s time to think about what articles you need to share in the coming weeks to keep your SEO fresh, your followers engaged, and your website kicking. I know how hard it can be, staring at a blank screen, to think of what you ought to be writing, to research what everyone else is writing about, and I know I’m guilty of drifting along without adding a significant content plan to my to-do list, or - if I do create a schedule - I fail to meet that target and share posts on what’s relevant every day. Even this post is coming later than I had planned, being finished on April 2nd, and posted on the 3rd - when the post itself is all about scheduling and creating conten

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