Are the Internet and the World Wide Web the same thing?

Most people use the terms ‘world wide web’ and ‘internet’ interchangeably – but in actual fact, they are two things, though – of course – connected. The World Wide Web is the data – the websites and images, the documents and content, which exist and are accessible via the internet. The internet is the way in which those things are accessed and shared globally. If you need to picture this in a real world way, the internet is a road network – and the World Wide Web makes up the warehouses where information is stored – and the vehicles (loaded with files and information) which are shared, travelling on those roads. Without the internet the World Wide Web couldn’t work – but without the World Wi

Free eBook for international women's day

As you'll have seen if you follow me on social media, my eBook "The A-Z of Marketing" is available to download now - and if you're a woman in business you can get a free copy today to celebrate International Women's Day; all you need to do is pop your details into this form and I'll send you a unique discount code which will give you a 100% discount at checkout. If you're here a few days late, the offer will be running for a week - just input your details - and don't forget to let me know what your business is and drop in your LinkedIn profile link if you'd like to connect; I love getting to know more women running their own businesses and handling the pressures which that can come with. #In

How to determine your USP/niche

What’s your USP? Here’s an insider secret; you don’t have one. So often when I follow other marketing blogs and download ebooks – which I do almost daily, with a voracious appetite for learning more and building my own skills, so that I can offer more to my own customers – one of the things I see repeated over and over, and which seems to have become grail in the industry, is that small businesses (particularly service providers) should find a niche. Many business owners (or bloggers, which has become a business in and of itself where it was once a marketing tool for businesses) are encouraged to box themselves into a specific niche, ticking just one box in the wide world of interests. We ar

What is Network Group Marketing?

I joined some online networking programmes recently, wanting to build a wider reach with people in similar working environments to my own; freelance work can get insular and I think it's very important to build relationships with as many people as possible - not only to build my own reach and allow more people to see what I'm sharing (let's not pretend this isn't the purpose of all networking!) but so that I can learn from how other people work, see what is happening in the industry, and ensure that I'm staying involved and engaged with a world which is constantly inundated with new technologies and methodologies. In one of the networks, recommended to me as a professional network for women

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