The art of seduction - or how to engage with your audience.

What’s your favourite TV show? What is it that you love about it? Is it the story? The characters? The imagery or scene setting? Or is it the advert breaks? I didn’t even need to ask that question really; I know that it isn’t the advert breaks. The best thing about modern TV and streaming is that we have made it possible to watch all of our favourite shows without having to view an advert at all – and the occasions when we are watching live TV and can’t skip through them, we take the opportunity to go and pop on the kettle or grab a snack, seeing that break as more of an interval than a chance to smash our senses with the sales messages of a dozen or so brands who want our attention. It's ju

Why should you work with me?

It’s a simple enough question – you could pick anyone, and I’m asking you to pick me. There are all kinds of ways I could sell that idea to you – but essentially it all boils down to you needing someone to help create your content, and I’m someone who can do that. So why pick me over anyone else? I’ve been writing all my life – since the letters were back to front and upside down and my pages were filled with fairy tales about that dream future in which I’d be able to turn into a white rabbit (with a pink nose) at will…I can’t even tell you the pain I felt when I finally understood that wasn’t possible, but those stories became something I told my own children, sparking a magical love of sto

Testimonial - Gloucester Studio

Dr. Kathryn Minchew of Gloucester Studio said: “I was actually pretty happy with my website but I knew there were gaps because I kept getting the same questions during enquiries. I asked Eliza to cast a critical eye and while her recommendations weren’t negative, she offered lots of easily implementable changes which tightened up the copy and turned my website from the story I wanted to tell to a concise sales tool. I think one of the biggest challenges that business owners face is that we’re so close to our work so an impartial eye is invaluable.” After a brief chat about Kathryn's goals I did a website review which is one of the options from my full Brand Consultat

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