December offer on website reviews

Through December I'm offering a great deal to anyone who wants a review of their website content and marketing outreach; this service usually starts at £350 for an in-depth review of your existing content, your tone of voice and the impact your website and outreach have - and whether you are telling the right stories to reach your target audience; this price is for up to five pages and three additional platforms (eshots and social media channels) and prices vary for additional pages and channels. Through December, if you buy now and book your review slot, I am offering a significant discount and a flat fee for any size of website; whether you've five pages or twenty five pages, this buy-now

You can sell anything to anyone

No matter what you're writing marketing content one of the most important aspects is to engage your audience - to draw people in, help them to feel a connection with you, and with the topics you're discussing. When I write I try to think about who might be reading my words; this is a concept which changes daily, because I have a number of clients who work in a range of very different industries - so the audience I am writing for is always different. Different skills and knowledge, different areas of industry and every level of that industry from school leavers and apprentices through to the uppermost level of management. Tailoring your words to suit the audience you're writing for is a neces

Oh how I love the Oxford Comma!

Why do I love the Oxford comma? Oxford comma noun a comma used after the penultimate item in a list of three or more items, before ‘and’ or ‘or’ (e.g. an Italian painter, sculptor, and architect ). - I am – and have always been – a huge fan of the Oxford Comma – a little piece of vastly underappreciated grammar which a great many people simply misunderstand. All too often it’s brushed aside as old fashioned or unnecessary, but I find beauty, and clarity, in that little mark. As you can see in the image above, a little clarity in your writing makes a world of difference! What’s your grammar bugbear? What mistakes make you wince? Let me know in the comments on on social media

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