Supporting other freelancers

One of the things I've always wanted to do more of is supporting other freelance workers and creatives, and build a community of people who can support each other's work. As a copywriter I'm often asked for website content, which I am experienced in providing - but I'm also asked regularly if I can do webdesign or design brochures or other marketing material. Though I'm great with words and know what looks pretty, I'm not trained in this level of design work - so it's not a service I offer. Instead, I recommend one of the designers I have built relationships with from past projects and connect clients with the people I think are best suited to help them. I am also, at times, not the right co

How do you communicate?

I recently worked with someone who was struggling to write introduction emails - and I think this is something we can all relate to. Sending out that first hello can make you feel like a clammy teenager, and stumble over every word you're typing, questioning every letter until you're psyching yourself out and trying to sound professional, losing your own voice somewhere along the way. It's like you're wearing a mask, pretending to be someone and something you aren't because you think you're supposed to sound a certain way to be successful. Even when the leads are warm and you know for a fact that the potential customer wants what you have to sell it can be difficult to get that first introd

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