First or third person?

One of the questions I'm asked regularly is how to write a great 'about me' page - and it's something everyone struggles with. There's nothing more awkward than singing our own praises, after all - particularly for the terribly British among us! There was, for many years, a trend that saw people adding an 'about me' page that was written in the third person, as if we'd had someone write it about us as a reference - even when it was glaringly obvious that it was written by the person being described. This trend came, I believe, from the rapid and overwhelming growth of bloggers as influencers, and the desire that many of them had to be seen as more than just a one-man-band shouting into the v

An email purge, and GDPR

I think there are two kinds of people; there are those who organise their emails the instant they land in their inbox, moving them into folders, marking up what's important, starring the things they need to come back to, and deleting the chaff - and then there are people like me, who drive their very organised partner insane by racking up over 19,000 unread emails on their iPhone, where four different accounts crash into one inbox. I, like so many others, started out with good intentions - the four different email addresses were relevant to four different roles I was balancing, in four different environments, so it made sense to keep them separate - and then as all the work I do was brought

What you know, who you know...

No matter what industry you're in, and what background you've come from, every day brings new opportunities to learn, to grow, and to expand - both professionally and personally. For some, climbing the career ladder is a textbook, linear progression, ticking off each stage until a target is achieved. For others, it's less ladder, more spiders web, with so many different experiences and different environments that your CV is more of a novella. There is no right or wrong way to approach your career - and no right or wrong way to build your experience. Every experience, positive or negative, builds our knowledge and understanding, and can be applied in different ways - even if we take the leap

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