Word association

You might have seen me joining in on Twitter's #DorsetHour - and this week I'm trying out a little game to demonstrate the importance of using the right words. I thought I'd try out a little word association - and see what people came back with. When I said 'Monday' the responses tended to be gloomy - Monday brings to mind the humdrum of heading back into work, the crash after a weekend of fun, and - here in Dorset this week - wet, grey, rainy weather! I said 'Twitter' and the responses were far more positive - people saying things like 'networking', 'communication', 'happy place' and 'home from home' - twitter is clearly somewhere that people feel they can really build relationships and con

What is branding?

In my last post I spoke about the importance of branding – and why investment in your brand is vital to ensure the success of your business. What I didn’t cover in any great detail was what I meant by branding. When I talk about branding, I mean so much more than the creation of an eye-catching logo and deciding on a rough colour scheme. Branding also means continuing that visual theme throughout all of your business – through your emails, your business cards, your packaging, uniforms, the offices, your website, the fliers and eshots you release, any marketing materials, display boards, absolutely everything that a customer might see that is in any way connected to your brand. It means using

The importance of branding

The importance of branding is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. No matter how big – or small – your business is, consistent and catchy branding is vital to make you stand out from the crowd, and keep you fresh in the minds of your customers. Branding and marketing is something that new businesses are often resistant to invest too much of their start-up cost into – thinking that they need to be sure the products and services are right, and that everything else will follow. Of course I’d never claim that the products and services shouldn’t be the first priority - but in business it’s never just your products that you sell - it’s your ethos, your passion, and your brand message which

A warm welcome

Many of you reading this today are people I've been lucky enough to work with before, some of you are friends in the industry, and others are brand new and curious about what 'Eliza Do Lots' offers. Whichever camp you fall into, welcome to the new website, announcing loudly to the world that my business is growing and evolving, and that I'm excited to be here! If you haven't met me yet, I'm Eliza, the girl behind the brand named for my well known habit of throwing myself into a number of projects at once, because what I do for a living excites me so much! The main focus of my work is helping business owners to connect with their customer base on a more personal level, building long lasting r

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