Eliza Adams

I have always been passionate about communication (though my family may just call it 'talking too much') and particularly interested in the modern and human approach of new media – bringing the personal touch back to big business.

I was a teen in the 90s - so I grew up with - and on - the internet as social media grew from being a new and exciting media to the global phenomenon we seem unable to live without. 

Business - and society - have been hugely changed by the internet, by the immediacy and global communication that simply wasn't possible even a decade ago, and the way businesses are contacted by their target market has changed. 

To stay ahead, you need to communicate in the places - and in the language - your customers use, which means an active and engaged online identity and a friendly and informal voice. When you've been trained to do business a certain way, it can be hard to re-shape your entire approach - but I can help.


My education includes a degree in creative writing and contemporary culture; that not only means that I've studied the craft of writing, and fitting words to fit a brief and suit the audience, as well as the client - but it also means I've studied (and continue to study) modern culture.


What makes people tick? What connects people? What determines the ways we interact, and how we segment ourselves, within society? 


This is something I continue to be fascinated by - which means I'm perfectly placed to help your business reach the right people; my understanding of changing culture, subcultures, the growth of new media and digital networking comes from a passion for the ways we can build relationships, and our human connection to brands.


The days of brands being faceless entities, promoting their products and services to the masses, impersonal and imposing, are gone.


Instead, modern business is all about personal involvement, passion and quality.


As well as my degree, and the years of study since, I have nearly two decades of professional experience in copywriting, PR and marketing, brand consultation and business comms; working with everyone from local government to independent business owners, on everything from international PR campaigns to small local news releases, I have a wide ranging wealth of experience that I can bring to your business, offering advice on how to reach the right audience, and how to engage them and develop lasting relationships - both inside and outside your team.


My no-nonsense northern background has also shaped my approach to communications - my work doesn’t rely on fluffy marketing language or buzzwords. Instead I pride myself on creating compelling copy and campaigns that engage the target market, clearly explaining why your products and services are what your customers want, and why you are the place to go.


The ethos behind everything I do is just to be - to embody - the values that matter to you, and to live and breathe your brand. Don't try to make your business what you think it should be - you are the brand. That's the messaging you need, and that's what your customers are buying into; you - your knowledge, your excitement and your personality. The rest is just fluff.

Get in touch to find out how I can help your business grow.


Don’t just market your brand, BE your brand

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Eliza Do Lots

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